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Fresh Potato
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Fresh Potato Type: Holland potato, normal potato Place of Origin: China Product grade: high Grading standard: based on single potato weight (g), L: 100~250g; LL: >=250g.or according to customer's request. Features: Ellipse appearance, smooth epidermis, shallow eye, tuber clean and tidiness, pulp tasty. Nutrients: starch 9~20%, protein 1.5~2.3%, fat 0.1~1.1%, crude fiber 0.6~0.8%. Nutrient content of per 100g potato: calories 66~113J, Ca 11-60mg, P 15~68mg, Fe 0.4mg~4.8mg, thiamine 0.03~0.07mg, riboflavin 0.03~0.11mg, nicotinic acid 0.4~1.1mg, besides, its tuber also contents carotene andascorbic acid which are not included in cereal grain. Function: Sweet flavor, mild-natured, slightly cool, into the spleen, stomach and large intestine; Harmonize stomach, strengthen spleen, clear dampness, detoxify, treat Inflammation, relax intestines, reduce blood sugar and blood fat, promote blood circulation, keep fit and beauty and anti-aging. Mainly cure stomach fire, toothache, spleen deficiency, dry stool, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, etc. also be helpful for dyspepsia, habitual constipation, fatigue of mind and body, chronic stomachaches, arthralgia and eczema, etc. Xinxiang Tongrenxiang Industrial Co., Ltd is located in potato planting base of central plain of China. We have developed a complete industry chain with strong cooperation with many potato planting cooperatives and unified scientific management from seed selection, planting, purchase and storage. Our products are famous for clean tuber evenly, smooth epidermis, pulp tasty, ample nutrition, endurable storage and transportation. “Tongrenxiang” has become a landmark brand with products well sold to 16 countries and regions including Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, etc. We have set up long-term relationships with many globally influential dealers and we honestly welcome dealers at home and abroad to visit us for business cooperation!
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