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Fresh Apple
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product: view count: 34Fresh Apple 
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last update: 2017-10-28 13:09
Place or Origin: China Grade: class 1/2/3 Diameter: 60. 65. 70. 75. 80. 85 or above Packaging: plastic pallet, foam mesh bag, carton, 20kg/18kg/19kg/15kg/12kg/10kg/9kg/5kg/4kg carton. We could also custom make according to customer's request! Brand: Gala, Qinquan, Red Star, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Green, Red Delicious Nutrition value: Apple is rich in various vitamins and acid. The favonoids per apple could reach 30mg above, 15% carbohydrate, pectin, vitamin A, C, E, K as well as rich antioxidant. One apple (154g) contains 5g dietary fiber, 170mg K, 10mg Ca, 22g carbohydrate, 10mg P and 7.8g Vitamin C. It also contains Ca, P, Fe, Vitamin B2 and C, is honored as the guardian angel for cardiovascular, the healthy fruit for heart disease patients since it doesn’t contain saturated fat, cholesterol and Na. The pectin in apple could keep blood sugar level stable, so it is not only the health fruit for diabetes but also the best choice for all people who want to control their blood sugar. It could also effectively reduce cholesterol. The content of Ca in apple is very rich, which could reduce extra salinity of body. Malic acid could metabolize calories, to control the lower body fat. The soluble fiber pectin could prevent constipation. The pectin could also improve the discharge of Pb, Hg and Mn in stomach and intestines tunnel. Apple eating advice: 1) 1-2pcs per day 2) Peel the apple and put it into the cool water, which could prevent apple oxidation and keep the apple crisp and sweet. 3) You should take your time in eating, helpful for digestion. The most important thing is that it is benefit for human body. 4) Don’t eat before dinner in case of effecting normal digestion. 5) People with weak spleen and stomach shouldn’t eat a lot of apples. 6) Apple has erosion effect on mouth and teeth, so it is better to rinse the mouth after eating apples. Storage: Suitable for storage at -1℃~4℃ or ambient temperature for 7 days. Since apple could produce ethylene which could accelerate the maturity and aging of vegetables and fruits, you have to store them at refrigerators by using plastic bags.
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