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Fresh Pear
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Country of origin: Henan Anhui Shandong China Product specifications and packages: 5--8(cm) 8kg 9kg10kg/carton Product kinds: Dangshan pear, Sha pear, Fengshui pear, Crown pear. Nutrient contents and effects: Pear contains a lot of protein, fat, Ca, P, Fe, and glucose, fructose, malic acid, carotene and vitamins. 1.The contain glycoside and tannic acid ingredients in pears can prevent and cure expectorant cough, have effect to the throat. 2. Pears have a polysaccharide material and a variety of vitamins which are absorbed by human body and promote appetite. These also can pretect the liver. 3. Pears can cool and calm heat, and make blood pressure return to normal, improve the symptom such as dizziness. 4. Eating pear can prevent atherosclerosis, inhibit the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines, so as to prevent cancer cancer. 5. pectin content in the pear is very high which can help digestion. Advantages: Xinxiang Tongrenxiang Industrial Co., Ltd is located in the biggest pear planting area in China. We have cooperated with many pear planting cooperatives and developed a complete pear industry chain through the scientific management from seeding, planting, purchase and storage. Our pears are popular all over the world with features including high quality, high production and good taste. “Tongrenxiang” pear has become a symbolic brand, well sold to 16 countries and regions including Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. We also set up long-term strategic partnerships with globally-influenced pear dealers. We warmly and honestly welcome dealers at home and abroad to visit us for business cooperation
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